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Barcelona and everything around

by MS
June 26, 2022
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Going to Barcelona

When we left Portugal and started the journey right along the Spain coastline, I knew that it will be an amazing trip. To do something like that was my dream for years. Just traveling by car, having the freedom to stop wherever we want.

Cities along the way

As you probably read it already, our first stops were Gibraltar and Malaga. If didn’t read about adventures there – go one blog post back. Took a few stops in Alicante, Calpe, Valencia, Tarragona. I enjoyed every one of them but was looking forward to seeing and exploring Valencia. Because it’s so modern, with nice architecture, but it was raining like crazy. So I will just think that it’s a good sign to go back there someday.

Barcelona and Montserrat

With Barcelona, this wasn’t the first meeting. The first time I went there was back in 2016. It was mid-July and it was hot like crazy, daily +37 degrees.

Me and Barcelona back in 2016

This year it was April and already then the temperature hit +30 degrees. But I don’t complain about that, because I really enjoy the heat. We went to Park Guell and explored the city. I am not a big fan of standing in lines, so most of the famous places we admired from the outside.

Montserrat Monastery is a place outside of Barcelona, probably you can go there by train or bus. We had a car, so we went like that, but as it is a very touristic place be prepared for crowded parking. This place was on my bucket list for years. When we went there, of course, there were a lot of people, so we needed to hike for 5 hours to go somewhere where people are fewer. And we managed to do it.

My favorite video so far 🙂