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Online Violin Lessons

Have you ever wanted to learn your favourite songs from movies or games on the violin? Maybe you need help to get prepared for your exams? Or maybe you just want to boost your mood and become more positive and relaxed?

I have one answer to all of your questions – music.

Playing Paganini caprice for solo violin

Learning music and violin have many positive side effects, you can read more in my blog post here.

How will you learn violin online?

Shortly before every lesson, I will send you a Zoom link and we will meet there. I will explain to you and show you everything. During the learning process, I will send you study materials so you can improve your technique. Everyone can start to play the violin, no matter of age! Just don’t be afraid to start and let the music come into your life!

What will you learn?

If you have some specific song which you want to play we will do anything to get you there playing it. Of course, I will also give you scales, exercises from Schradiek studies from Kreutzer. I am mixing Suzuki Study book, Essential Elements for strings and other learning materials. I will find violin songs, pieces, and concertos for your level. We will develop your skill together.

I love teaching online via zoom and share my knowledge and I would love to help you also!

Reviews from my students all over the world

Lesson plans

We can always have the first 10 min free trial.

1x lesson 45 min4x weekly lessons 45min8x per month lessons 30min
Practise materials and notesPractise materials and notesPractise materials and notes
Practise aidsFeedbacks between the lessonsFeedbacks between the lessons
Practise aidsPractise aids

If you want to have a custom plan – don’t hesitate to contact me.

My time zone is GMT +8 and I am flexible with times during the week and weekends. There is always a way and we can figure out what works best for you!

Contact me below for online violin lessons