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Benefits of learning violin

by MS
September 28, 2021
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Sometimes music is the only thing that takes your mind off everything else

Why should you choose music and violin?

You may be surprised to discover that there are many lifelong benefits of playing the violin.

Learning music is a meaningful and gratifying experience for everyone, all ages. Music can enhance learning skills, communication skills, creativity, teamwork, and discipline. You can always choose to play some musical instrument as your hobby.

Benefits for children learning the violin

Starting to play at a young age is a great choice for your children. Learning violin will improve physical, mental, and social benefits. I had as my student a young girl, she was 6 years old when started. First two months we took weekly lessons of 20 min. She just didn’t have any more patience to listen longer. And that is totally normal. After two months I saw that her patience level has grown so much, because of learning violin. And we started to take 30 min lessons, where she could pay attention all the time. And of course if in school someone else plays some musical instrument they will be friends.

  • Improves memory and attention span
  • Helps for social skills and inclusions
  • Improves mental function and health
  • Boost the coordination and creativity

Benefits for teens learning the violin

We all know that sometimes this is not the easiest age. A lot of different interests and a lot of doubts. Music has this super-healing side effect and it takes discipline. When you are playing the violin you will never be alone or bored. Just take the violin and play your favorite song.

  • Emotional outlet from the rigours and stresses of education
  • Learning to play violin can build self-reliance, self-esteem, self-awareness
  • Social involvement and sense of belonging, team work
  • Playing musical instrument is capable of changing your mood

Benefits for adults learning the violin

It is never too late to start playing the violin! Did you know playing the violin releases hormones that make you feel happier? One of my oldest students started when he was 62 years old, he learned the violin just for himself. I think that is wonderful! We all need to enrich our inner world all the time and music is a great way how to do it.

  • It can lower level of depression, anxiety, and other stress-related health problems
  • It can just heal your body and soul, and make you happier! 

Playing music is an endless sea of chasing and achieving new goals. Learning violin will take you on a journey that you will never forget!

Now a little bit about myself.

I started to play when I was 4 years old. So I have 24 years of experience in what I am doing. I always try to explore by myself how to do things on violin and make it the easiest way possible. I don’t like to hold everything that I know just only to myself, so I love to share my knowledge and tips. That brings me joy.

After finishing my bachelor’s degree in violin performance I worked in a professional orchestra. Now it is my last year in master’s degree as a violin teacher. I started to study violin teaching in my master’s just to become a better teacher and to know better the psychology of teaching. 

I approach each of my students individually, giving learning materials that I think will improve your playing. If you want to find out more about lesson plans and contact me, don’t hesitate and write me