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Central Portugal

by MS
September 15, 2021
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It’s great to be here, it’s great to be anywhere


This town in central Portugal has become world-famous because of the huge waves. Last year autumn the wave hit a 30-meter line. Although, the high wave season is from October to February, also at the beginning of September they felt huge. Just so powerful. Actually, for years I have been fighting with the same dream – Tsunami. Now I haven’t seen it for a while, but Nazaré waves reminded me about my nightmares. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy seeing those waves in life. As terrifying they can be, as powerful they are, waves also calm me down.

Quinta da Regaleira

Palace in Sintra is also one of the World UNESCO wonders. My advice as always – book the tickets before online, you will save time standing in a queue. This castle is like a fairytale, you can just walk around. The property consists of a Romantic palace and chapel, a wonderful park with lakes and waterfall, many caves, fountains, and benches. Probably if you ever have searched “what to do in Sintra”, you will also find Initiation well (which is located in this area). I think in pictures that place looks cooler, but the history for the well is much cooler than any picture. The wells were never used as water sources, actually, there happened ceremonies which included Tarot rites.

Praia da Ursa

What a beach! This beach so far is my favorite one. First, you have to go down the cliff approx 20 min. Maybe the reason for not so easy path is also the reason that the beach is not crowded. Which of course is excellent. All the way down was so beautiful. I caught myself in moments when I wanted just to stop and breathe the beauty in. The vibe next to Ocean was so good. There were people sunbathing in swimsuits, half-naked or naked and nobody care. Being a Latvian comes with some doubts, like “what if…” or “what others will think about me..”. But being there, half-naked, enjoying the sunlight, swimming in the Ocean, and not worrying about anything. Ohh my… what a day!

Praia da Adraga


Located near the Atlantic Ocean and being one of the oldest cities in Europe, this city has a special vibe. I am not a huge fan of a long stay in cities, but Lisbon is different. The feeling here is very warm, despite all the tourists. Lisbon has many interesting facts. 25th April bridge was built by the same company like San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge. That is the reason why they look so similar. Of course, the Golden Gate bridge is also on my bucket list. Those cute yellow trams also have been inspired by USA trams. I think in Lisbon everyone can find something for their own taste. It’s a city where you should just walk or take a scooter and just let yourself get lost.

Lisbon Oceanarium has a large collection with of marine spaces. As we are nature, animal and underwater planet lovers we had to go there. The aquarium is very nice, you can find there a lot of interesting creatures. One of my favorite ones was a leafy sea dragon and penguins.