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For the new Beginnings

by MS
October 19, 2021
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No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.

What do you say to a new beginning?

Every day is a chance to begin again. Don’t focus on the failures of yesterday, start today with positive thoughts and expectations.

It’s already one full month since we live in Algarve. Finally, after 48 days we managed to unpack the car. It is a little funny – we took two stand-up paddles and a bike in a car to cross all of Europe. And only now in Algarve we finally manage to use the Sup boards. And of course, we went to Benagil cave.


The new place brings more new explores. Sagres is a very beautiful part of the Algarve with nice beaches, a unique fort, amazing cliff sides.

If you consider going there there is one day “to do” bucket list –

  • Sagres fort
  • Sagres lighthouse
  • Praia da Mareta
  • Praia do Martinhal
  • Cabo de Sao Vicente

Of course, many people go there for surfing. I tried it once in Albufeira and I really wanted to learn. But in the end, all I got is being terrified all the time. My nightmares about the tsunami came in front of me every time when the wave came. So I think this will not be for me, but maybe someday I will try again to look in the eye with my biggest fears.

Best winter climat in Europe

It’s the middle of October, I am sitting on the balcony and writing this. The weather here can truly spoil human beings. Sometimes I check my home country and can see those -2 degrees during the night. While here we have warm +26. How lucky to be in a place like this.

Algarve is full of amazing beaches and cliff edges. You can take just some random walk and probably will find some hidden gem.

One more thing about who I cannot write about is Portugal’s sunsets. They are just so pure and beautiful. I could watch how the sun goes down million times and never get bored. Usually, there are some surfers in the water and they are making the view just more impressive.

So far we have also tried two more fun things (without surfing and exploring) – Lagos zoo and waterpark Slide&Splash. The Zoo was amazing! I truly loved it, the animals there have such a lot of space. In some places, they are even without any grate. They can hang out in free nature.

Slide&Splash aquapark was fun. Have no pictures, because you know – I was too busy to try every slide. Some of them were a little bit more adventures, but overall great time spent there.