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Gibraltar rock and Caminito del Rey

by MS
April 16, 2022
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Going through the Spain coastline, Gibraltar is definitely one of the most seen places. It’s interesting because actually, that is a part of the United Kingdom. You will need to cross the border, with document checking, etc. So look before going there – what kind of documents you need.

View from the highest point of Gibraltar rock

Once you stand the line and manage to get in exploring starts. First things first, find the parking spot! We wanted to go up through the Mediterranean steps and the outcome was that we drove up on the rock. Not a very pleasant drive.

What can I suggest and we also did – park the car at cable car parking lot. You can go up by the cable car, that is the fastest way and then take your time to walk everywhere down. From the highest point of O’Hara’s battery, enjoyed amazing views. It’s amazing that you can even see Africa – Morocco and Atlas mountains.

After walking on top of the rock, there is an easy path going down. I would totally recommend doing that. Plenty of nice stop points and monkeys following on every step.

Caminito del Rey

This is one of the most popular day trips from Málaga. The place has some amazing views and a very nice walking path.

I will put only a few things that you need to know before going there. First one and the most important – buy the tickets online weeks or even months before! Mostly it’s fully booked and getting tickets at the place is impossible. The second and also very important thing – parking! Go there super early before the booked time. One hour is the minimum what can I suggest. Actually, there is only one pretty small place for parking, so that is the reason why it’s so hard to find the spot. People mostly put the cars along the way, but because of that will need to walk some time to the starting point. Also, the real starting point is 1.5 km after the sign “Caminito del Rey”.

Once one manages to get to the beginning, all the stress about the car and getting there in time can end. And then just walk and walk, and enjoy breathtaking views.

And this is me walking around Málaga