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Island life

by MS
March 14, 2021
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There is no wonder that I love to travel and that I love mother nature so much. As I said in the Introduction part of this blog, on top of admiring the mountains, there are other things that I do love – beaches, waves, nice blue oceans, and sun.


Some time ago, I realized how much I enjoy being on the Island. When I traveled to São Miguel, Iceland, Malta, Corfu, Gran Canaria, Sri Lanka, I wasn’t thinking “okay, now I will go to the island”. I just went there because it looked nice. After being in all those places I realized that I am just into life there. If I had to describe how it is to be on the island I would say it feels slower. The timing just feels slower and that is not always a bad thing. We are so used to fast life – everything happens fast, time is ticking so fast that sometimes we don’t realize it’s again one week passed. So taking some time back and just being in the moment feels really nice.

Usually, when we are talking about the island we immediately imagine beaches. But I have to say that it is not only about blue water, but you can also go and enjoy hiking and being in mountains. Yes, they are not so ruff like the Alps, Himalayas, or Atlas mountains, but still – they are mountains. And to be in that kind of mix one-day seeing the world from top and another just laying on the beach is amazing.

Happiness comes in waves