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Landing into the Future – Singapore

by MS
October 31, 2022
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Amazing Singapore

Is Singapore worth visiting? Definitely yes, and down here I will explain why I love it so much from the first sign.

Being the world’s global financial center and a small island country, when you come to Singapore it really feels like little New York City or maybe Frankfurt with the big skyscrapers. This was our first big city after two months of being on the island of Bali. It is so clean and nice smelling, with some interesting rules. First, it’s not allowed to smoke everywhere, and second, you can’t bring chewing gum. Which is a little bit funny, but in the end it makes sense.

This city never sleeps

It’s so much alive and you can actually feel it. You can feel how focused and purposeful people are there. It’s very inspiring to see that kind of people, maybe it’s even a little thing, seeing people running and taking care of their health, people being groomed.

Singapore brings you so many things to do there. Those were two intense days. When you have so short a time amount you want to explore as much as you can. There are my few top things to do here:

  • Gardens by the Bay – Amazing green park in the heart of the city.
  • Sentosa – Supernice beachside area.
  • Marina bay – A place where you can enjoy skyscrapers.
  • And more, and more, and more things to do.

Fun fact – Singapore has the cleanest Chinatown that I have ever seen.

Can I see myself living there – I would say yes!

Singapore, you have my heart.