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by MS
March 30, 2022
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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Madeira has been on my bucket list for years. Probably since the time when I went to Azores island. Both islands are Portuguese territories. But I have to say that they are pretty different.

It’s always so interesting how life is going on the Islands. Was thinking also this time – have people who live here even left this place? How it is to live all life on an island where everything that you have around is Ocean. Is it peaceful or do you feel outside of the world?

At the edge of the world (island)

“Levadas” paradise

Madeira definitely is a hiker paradise. There are so many hikes that you can do. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our side. Up in the hills, there were 2 degrees, and raining pretty lot. Most of the time everything was in clouds, actually in the mountains all of the time. But what we did – we took a car and drive around the Island stopping at so beautiful viewpoints. And also did some easy-light path walks.

This island has fifty shades of green and blue. When you are in forests it’s so green all around. But when looking at Ocean, can’t count those multiple blue colors.


One thing that can be often found on islands is a waterfall. Really, Madeira is no exception. One of the best ones was the Anjos waterfall. But the rest of them were randomly found.

Can actually see how misty the weather was. But still was happy to finally go there. And I will give you a hint – pretty soon are going on one more adventure. Will write about it later. 🙂