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by MS
June 24, 2021
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I don’t remember if I told, but despite all the traveling and loving the World and nature, my home country is Latvia. And we Latvians have some weird, but important holidays. One of them is this midsummer fest, we call it “Jāņi”. I know – a lot of strange letters in one short word. With this holiday also comes some traditions. Like not sleeping all night or jump over the fireplace. No worries, usually everyone is trying to be careful with that.

and also no worries about this – no one jumped over this fireplace 🙂

I am the kind of person, who doesn’t need some special day to celebrate something. I think we can celebrate life every day. I don’t need the 14th of February to celebrate love or Christmas to give someone present. I just think we need to do what our hearts at that moment is saying to us. But this Midsummer thing is pretty nice. One year with friends sitting around the fireplace we singed Latvian songs. Another year with my friend we went to the cinema outside, watched a Latvian movie and then took some beer. Last year we just went hiking by the Baltic sea.

This year we are in Latgale. It’s one of the historic counties with a lot of beautiful lakes. There have been years when the temperature outside is around 6 degrees (Celsium). But yesterday it was like +30. And during the night, sleeping in a tent, the thunderstorm also came. Overall, Latgale is a place where time little bit stops. Don’t get me wrong, I love the countryside, but here you feel really deep in nowhere. But sometimes you need also this feeling. 🙂