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North of Thailand

by MS
February 21, 2023
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Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.


Who would have thought that in the far north of Thailand, I would encounter such development and spiritual mind.

Doi Inthanon

This National park, the land of dreams, is located in the Chiang Mai region. You wouldn’t believe it, but it’s the highest mountain in Thailand with a temperature belove 10 degrees. Incredible flora and fauna, rare birds, amazing waterfalls, and truly great hiking options. This National Park was one of my bucket list places and I couldn’t be happier to finally explore it on my own.

Monk’s Trail and Chiang Mai

Doi Inthanon definitely is worth the long driving way, but there are also many nature places closer to Chiang Mai city. One of them is Doi Suthep park where you can find the famous Monk’s trail. Legend tells that monks did this journey barefoot. For me, it was challenging enough to do it with hiking shoes, so I can just respect Monks doing that. During the way I think actually something happened to me, I mean that in a more spiritual way. This experience overall in north Thailand, the vibe there, just brings you to another level of spirituality.

Elephants – Nature’s Gentle Giants

Spending a day with rescued elephants is one of the most emotional and spiritual experiences. You can engage in activities like feeding, bathing, and walking around with them, and connect with them in a natural way. This kind of experience can leave a deep impression on people. There is a feeling that somehow through those gentle giants, you can connect with the nature and Universe. I will never forget this amazing experience to touch and look deep into those big brown eyes. My heart is full.