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Northside of Portugal

by MS
September 3, 2021
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I don’t care how long it takes me, but I’m going somewhere beautiful.


Being in Porto for the third time doesn’t change anything for me. What a city! Small nice streets, with nice architecture and buildings, beautiful viewpoints and a lot of bridges. In Porto, you can feel this ancient aura. Actually, did you know that Portugal was named after Porto? And the historic center is listed as UNESCO? Walking there randomly can bring you back to the past.

We stayed for 10 days with my friend. That is so great to have so good friends all over the world. Portuguese hospitality is just indescribable. We spent our days there just exploring, and also working. Went few times to the Oceanside – in Gaia and Espinho. Ate Francesihnas and Natas. Went to Porto zoo and three times to the cinema. Yes…I love popcorn and this one was amazing. If you want to eat the sweetest popcorn go to the Arrabida shopping center cinema.

Peneda-Gerês National Park

Just a little bit going to the north you can find one of the Portuguese National parks. We went lost, so one hour and a half drive turned into 4 hours. But all was good, we found the place and immediately went to a waterfall. They are a lot here! And I’m wondering – why no one ever doesn’t speak about Portugal’s mountains? Because they have them and they are really beautiful!

  • Cascatas de Fecha de Barjas – you can park on street right next and just walk few mn to the waterfall.
  • Cascata do Arado – park near Rocas viewpoint, walk till the waterfall is very lightley.
  • Cascata da Rajada – don’t follow google map parking, otherwise, you will have to go for a very long hike. Just ask locals and they will tell you the parking place for this one and after you can easy to follow the signs.
  • Cascata de Pincães – not so easy to find the beginning, but trust the GPX.
  • Miradouro das Rocas – easy to park, few steps up.
  • Miradouro de Fafião – park close and go little bit up to the peak.
  • Eating in “Vai… Vai Gerês” – really nice Francesihna and pizza.

P.S. Most of the roads are filled with beautiful views of vineyards and you can taste the grapes along the way.

Ponte 516 Arouca

World largest pedestrian suspension bridge. They built it for three years, fun fact – helicopter or any flying object that you can imagine didn’t come in part of this. This bridge was built by climbers and robots. 516m long and at the highest point 175m high. If you ever consider going there – once again I suggest buying tickets online. On the web page, there are really easy explanations of how to find a parking place, meeting point, and the bridge.