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Solo Part 2

by MS
April 6, 2021
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With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?

Oscar Wilde


I went to Greece some years ago. This trip came one and a half months after Azores Island. In the Azores, I was with one of my dear friends, and so she wanted to come also this time to Greece. But I had this feeling that I have to go there alone. That I have to embrace the beauty of my solo journey.

Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it.

My first plan was a little bit different from the outcome. I bought tickets to Crete island, but one week before going airline company just cancelled all the trips to Crete from Vilnius. I immediately contacted them about what can I do, and we really fast found a resolution. We changed the tickets to Corfu Island, I didn’t know anything about that Island, just quickly make a booking where to stay and went there.

Is the south the same everywhere?

I really well know Italians, I lived in Milano for half a year. Also, I know Spanish people from youth orchestras. But I have never known any Greek. And if I have to say – they are amazing! Well, it’s not like I am saying that Italians or Spanish people aren’t. 🙂 But somehow the Greeks are calmer and more grounded, but still super-friendly and super-helpful. I talked with a few peoples and bartenders when I was going to eat or watching the FIFA world cup and they were so nice and intelligent! That was just an amazing experience to get to know their culture. As we know, Greeks have some powerful history. The Greeks made an important impact on philosophy, mathematics, astronomy. I think maybe all those things are just following through the centuries.


On this Island, my transportation was a public bus. It was in time every time! So there is again one positive impression that can I say about Greece – punctuality. Taking the bus was really cool experience. Usually, when I am driving by myself I concentrate on the road and can’t look around. But with the bus, it was slow traveling with nice views. And of course, one of my favorite things – walking. Once again I walked a lot. Corfu Island is very green, with really nice blue water, nice sand, and beautiful cliffs. My little dream still is to go to Crete and Athens. Hopefully, someday I can do that. Well, actually I know I will. 🙂

Heaven is a place on earth, possibly Greece.