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Spread the Light – Be the Light

by MS
January 23, 2022
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Hatha yoga

My first encounter with yoga was 10 years ago. I suppose that at that time I was still childish, I thought that yoga is very boring. Now, a few years ago I started with the youtube 30-day challenges, later went to some yoga classes like Vinyasa and Bikram. Just one note, Bikram yoga is a different kind of yoga and I loved it.

Since I remember, my body has always been pretty stiff and I still can’t do a lot of things as I would like to do. But one day getting there. Now for two months here in Algarve, I am going to Hatha yoga class. I have tried a different teacher and have to say – it is so important to find your teacher especially in Yoga! First of all, to find a teacher with a voice that doesn’t bother, who inspires, and who just spreads the light.

Surrounded by light people

I have to say that I am very lucky, or maybe that is just my decision – I choose to be lucky. I choose to be surrounded by the light people and those who are not, I just stop contacting. Everything is a choice. I would also like to remind you that being in a loving and good relationship is not a matter of course. We should be grateful for those ones.

I believe there are a few rules for life:

  • The best teacher for you is yourself
  • Let go old things
  • Always enjoy

I just appreciate people, who inspire me to become better versions of myself. So lucky, that I have those people in my daily life. I love when everything goes to a little more spiritual level.

This is me, just being happy and grateful

Realizing and leting go

I know, sometimes that is not the easiest thing, just always trust your gut. We have a very strong intuition, and if we listen to it and trust it, that can change our way of thinking. Sometimes for me, it’s also very hard to let go people, things, situations, relationships, but now I understand why it’s all happening. 🙂

Thank you for reading my thoughts 🙂

The less you respond to negativity the more peaceful your life will become.