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Terra Incognita

by MS
March 21, 2021
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Have you ever heard or wondered about being in a place where no one else has ever walked before? Well… I can give you an opportunity to go there… hop on and join me 🙂

Portugal has always been one of my favorite countries. The first time when I was in Porto with one of my best friends, we stayed in our friend’s apartment. It was such a nice time there. His mother gave us some delicious food and the hospitality was really amazing. It felt like family. Being in a new place with locals has some major plus sides. He showed us literally everything, and that was still the time when Porto wasn’t so crowded, so there weren’t any big lines to that famous library, etc.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart

Second time in Portugal

We spent again in Porto one day, but our destination was different. Have you ever heard about Azores island? Ilha de São Miguel or the “Green” island, it’s located in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean, between Portugal and the USA. As you already know, I love life on the Islands and this wasn’t an exception. We didn’t rent a car there but chose just to walk. We used public transport 1-2 times and several times hitchhiked. Most people there don’t speak English. And my Portuguese back then started and ended with the sentence Uma cerveja por favor. But despite everything, we managed to understand each other.

Every day I and my dear friend walked approx 30-35km. We woke up really early, so we can go by the first bus to one or another side of the Island and then just walk and appreciate all the fullness that can give this place. We got lost several times. Once we took some shortcuts (don’t do that). It felt like we are in the jungles. There were some plants which I really didn’t know if they were poisonous or not. All over rose thorns and cliffs on both sides of us. After walking like this for almost 3 hours we finally got out. My feet were a little bit bleeding, but overall it was an amazing journey and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

One of my sweetest memory from this trip was hot tubs. There was this place where one side of the water is really hot from volcanic rocks, and from another spot came cold water from the ocean. So I opened my swimming season that year already at the beginning of May, in that time for me that was big deal.

So if you ever consider going there, I can just say – DO IT! My little dream is to go back there and with the ferry travel also to all other islands who are nearby. 

P.S. Lisbon is also great, and Ryanair is flying really cheap to Ponta Delgada from Porto and Lisbon.