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The Italian Dolomites

by MS
August 11, 2021
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We went to Italy from Austria through the mountains. My little dream was to see the Lago di Braies, but guess what – it has come so famous that you have to book the tickets before. So if you consider going there book the parking place a few days before. But there is plenty of nice views and beautiful lakes on the road as well.

Our fantasies are our realities in an excuse-free world.

MTB tour

Just do it! It is amazing how much you can see when driving a bike. We went to Cortina d’Ampezzo and started the adventure from there. Of course, we rented the electric bikes – otherwise, after the first 5km, I would just throw the bike down the cliff. I just switched the turbo mode on and we went up to 2126m hill. And then again down, and again up, and again down. All together approx 35km with amazing views and a great experience. And I would never ever imagine that I will say this – but going down the mountain was much harder.


The capital of northern Italy – the floating city. It’s all nice and the weather was very warm. But the city is just so crowded, even during the worldwide pandemic! Just a few facts – it is easy to get lost there, google maps doesn’t work; the city is built on more than 100 small islands; the ice cream of course is delicious.

What to do when car is in service?

We love adventures, but I have to say – without this one also it would be just fine. Driving mountain roads down there started to be some noises in front of the car. Overall we have two days to fix the problem because we need to drive to the next stop point. But it seems that everything will be good and we will get the car. Because we left it in service with some Italians, we rented electric bikes once again and just went to explore Pedavena.

The car is back!

Probably we had the best Airbnb owner! She was super helpful with everything, even speaking with the mechanic in service and the car was back in one and a half-day. So we went of course hiking. Crazy hot, if in Austria there were +10 degrees, then now we went to +30. The mountain wasn’t so high, just a 1236m, but I have to say that the end of the climb was super challenging. I am not afraid of heights, but looking down the cliff where you have to go – well I felt some butterflies in my stomach. In the end, we went to the lake and the view there was fantastic.