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The sky is not the limit – the mind is

by MS
February 25, 2022
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What a day!

It’s very hard to put all of the emotions in words! So I will start with the basic stuff. 🙂

  • Skydive seven Algarve
  • 5k meters from ground
  • 70 sec free fall
  • 200km/h
  • Once in a life-time experience
Portimao city is right there

10 years ago I did my first and only bungee jump. And since then I know that someday I will do also skydiving!

When woke up that morning, first went to the cold pool – to get ready for the day, you know. I wasn’t nervous until we went on that small airplane. And then 18 min followed going up. The view was amazing, but then you start to realize that you will have to actually jump from the plain!

Small fly taxi from which you go off 😀
And the plane just stayed up there

What it felt like?

I was a bit overwhelmed all the way going up. Had tears in my eyes, not because I was scared, mostly because I felt grateful. Grateful to us and myself, that we challenge ourselves to go out of our comfort zone and actually that we are doing this. I believe that not a lot of people can do this, it’s a huge thing.

When the instructor started to move and I was the second person who jumped I would say, that everything that happened where automatic. The instructor said – ok, now put your legs out of the plane and also hold your hands. And I was just responding – mh okay. Now remembering it seems funny. Just doing whatever he told.

When the jump came and we were falling, I felt very much freedom. Undescribable freedom. For sure, want to do this thing more and more. It gives you such a feeling and after you feel so relaxed.

The sky is no longer the limit.

I will always be grateful for my first jump.

Grateful for where I’m at. Excited about where I’m going.