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The Violin

by MS
March 14, 2021
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Chapter 1

As kids we don’t usually say “I want to play the violin”, and I didn’t say it either. I had this musician thing run in my family – my father being a musician decided that I should play a music instrument. We went to music school and they gave me this small instrument. I don’t remember much. Only that one time I skipped a lesson with my classmate. But mostly I was really diligent and practiced every day. The teacher noticed that I am doing good and sent me to participate in competitions. When I was little I felt really confident about playing in front of someone – this thing I actually miss. Every year I had some violin or string player competition and I always knew my reward. Each time after playing, my parents, I, and the teacher went to McDonald’s so I could have a Happy Meal. I know, it’s funny! But for me at that age it was huge!

Chapter 2

In the third grade, I joined my music school’s youth orchestra. During summers we had orchestra camps where I met my friends; we still keep in touch now. Being a musician in an orchestra comes with a huge bonus – you can travel. Well of course, sometimes we also have to play concerts, but overall it’s always a lot of fun. With this youth orchestra, I also traveled for the first time without my parents. I was approximately 14 years old when we went to play in Austria. I still remember that as an amazing trip, we also went to Tyrol, where I ate the most delicious strawberry cheesecake.

Later, when I was studying in the music academy, I started to play in a youth orchestra in Munich. I loved to play there because I met a lot of different peoples from various countries. One of the best trips with Youth Philharmonic Munich was to China. We traveled to Shanghai, Beijing and also went to the Great Wall of China.

Chapter 3

Now let’s talk about the present. As you might have noticed I’m still playing, this year despite all the pandemic I started to study for a master’s degree. I finished my bachelor’s before 4 years and now I felt that I should study again. This time I chose the program to become a violin teacher. Of course, a lot of things happen now online, but I don’t see anything negative there. I think that all of this (pandemic situation) is just teaching us new methods, and so we are adapting to new things. I can say it also for myself – I never before imagined that violin lessons could happen online. But now I am teaching the violin to others from all over the world via zoom. And I feel great about this, that I can share my knowledge and help others to learn the violin.

Next to studying and teaching online, I’m still playing in the professional orchestra. Now it’s my 6th year there…wow…time really flies. 🙂

Music begins where the possibilities of language end.

List of classical music for inspiration:

J.Sibelius violin concerto

J.Brahms symphony no 4

G. Mahler symphony no 2

A. Dvorak symphony no 9

E. W. Korngold violin concerto