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Tropical Paradise

by MS
September 15, 2022
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Sekumpul Waterfall

It would be just logical to begin this post with a waterfall, as I ended the previous one like that. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali. Of course, all of them are super nice and powerful, but this one was truly something out of this world. As always, we woke up very early to be alone there. I have to say, that this was the first time when reading google reviews I really didn’t feel safe. You can find there lot of comments about being scammed and even threatened by the mafia. So maybe taking the guide isn’t so bad idea, we usually go by ourselves, because the road is not complicated. But this time just to feel safe, we paid a local guy, who came with us. The first time I saw Sekumpul Waterfall I just said – woooooaaaw, how amazing is this! Crazy beautiful.

Nusa Penida

Life is good, but island life is better.

Being this small tropical island next to Bali, Nusa Penida truly is a must-see place. There are some options for how to go to Nusa Penida – one is a speed boat and the second public ferry. With the speed boat of course it’s faster, but you can’t take your scooter. So we choose Padang bai harbor and went from there with the public ferry which was totally fine.

When arriving on this small island you can feel it straight away. The heat just hits differently. Sun is more powerful, much hotter. Roads are smaller, I really don’t get how there be so many cars. But of course, nature is very beautiful there.

There are to main spots – Kelingking cliff and beach and the other one Diamond beach.

Both places are with cliffs and very nice views. Going down can be challenging, but worth it. As always, my request – is to go there early. The first reason there are fewer people and second, it’s also not so hot, considering that you will need some physical strength to go down and up. Kelinkgking beach was my favorite, there is a little more space and you can really feel this tropical vibe. About the swimming – I wouldn’t suggest doing it in nether of the places, the water is so powerful and the stream can pull you in.

Otherwise, just take the path down (approx 45min) and enjoy a few hours in the tropical paradise.