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by MS
March 5, 2021
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So, let me introduce myself.

As I said before – my name is Marta. I have always been the child, who likes to explore, who is kind and full of hopes. My mother told me that once in kindergarten when there was some Christmas candy spread by so well-known Santa Claus after I received my pack of candies I just gave all of them to my friends. It took just a few seconds to do that. After this, my mother of course went to all the kids and asked for one candy back… She probably knew how much I also loved to eat them, not just sharing giving to others. But to be able to give, if it is just a few candies – that is a great feeling.

If you have the chance to make people happy – just do it.

I also remember that from a young age I’ve always enjoyed nature. Every year I used to go skiing with my parents. We used to go to the high Tatra mountains in Slovakia or sometimes to the Alps in Italy (p.s. Madesimo is the best one). For me skiing is one of the activities I get my dose of adrenaline from. I love to ski down the mountain like crazy people – really fast, of course, black trails were my favorite ones. I just like the feeling of my blood pressure going up.

During summers I truly enjoy hiking and climbing in mountains. My first experience with climbing was in Oberammergau. A small Bavarian village where I spent summer in an orchestra project playing opera (oh yes, about the violin it will come…). Being there two summers in a row I truly fell in love with mountains. After that, I went to Sicily to climb the Etna volcano; to Slovakia Tatras and Zakopane, and Georgia (country) for hiking. My dream is to go hiking in the Carpathian mountains, to climb Mount Toubkal in Morocco, to explore the Pyrenees mountains, to see Yosemite and of course, maybe it is too cliché – but one day I want to climb to the Base Camp!

List of people and movies for inspiration:

Jimmy Chin, Conrad Anker, Alex Honnold

Free solo


Into the Wild


The summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters.

Conrad Anker
  1. What an inspirational blog you have Marta. Your travel stories sound and look very adventurous and exciting and you seem like the perfect explorer; very open and aware with a kind soul. I believe that when you smile at the earth, it smiles back at you, and the energy in your writing feels very positive. light and bright.

    For a few years now I’ve felt an inclination towards learning the violin that stems from listening to traditional Irish music with fast, energetic fiddle sounds woven through the songs. Maybe I will finally buy a violin and contact you for some online lessons because I think you would be a caring, reflective teacher! 🙂

    Take care and keep on adventuring.

    All the best

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